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Terms and Conditions

1. You need to let the App Development trainer know at least 5 hours in prior if you miss any sessions. If you haven’t informed in prior you won’t get a repeated session in future

2. The payment made to the company is not refundable.  ( Even the booking amount will not be refunded )

3.Once you book a date or confirmed a date from your App Development trainer you cannot modify it or change it.

4. Our company is completely a training solution.

5. Our service is all online and training will be happening through video conference portal

6. A session can be missed only once in your tenure of membership. Means you can attend a session twice at the max, and no more. You will not get any repeated session after that

7. If you fail complete assignments on time, then your membership will be suspended for 1 month. You can re start the membership again, you have to complete the assignments.

8. Company will use your reviews/images in text and video graphic format to advertise periodically for the company.

The Terms and Conditions will be updated regularly, Make sure to be up to date.

Completing assignment is the strict rule that needs to be followed in Boostmysites.

This company is strictly for educational and informational purposes and is not intended to be advice or recommendation of any kind whatsoever.

Every efforts has been made to comply with the terms and conditions of use as well as various community guidelines available in the company.

Anyone who wishes to apply concepts and ideas contained in this website is taking full and complete responsibility for their actions.

The material contained in this website cannot replace or substitute the services of trained professionals of any field.

This website or company is not warranted fir content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purposes.

The author and his associates accept no liability for any kind of content on this website or responsibility if any direct, indirect, implied, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damaged arising directly or I directly on account of any actions taken based on the information provided in this website as is and without warranties.

This website is not intended to spread rumors or offend or hurt the sentiments of any religion, community or individuals or to bring disrepute to any person.

Viewers discretion is advised as this website is meant to be a satirical and humorous take on the authors experiences or thoughts in general.

Despite our best intentions there may be sections that get offended by this book. We request people not to take our content in any possible negative way and we sincerely apologize for any such hurt our website might have caused.

Refund Policy

This policy shall apply to all courses within the course types listed below.

1. App Development Course

Boostmysites will not entertain any request for cancellation or postponement by members after payment of the membership fees. Members are only allowed to defer the training dates to the next scheduled date only.

The company maintains a no refund policy to all those customers who willingly took the membership after reading the terms and conditions.

NOTE : The no refund policy applies to the advance payment for booking the slots as well.

Leads / Client’s Guidelines ( Job Placement )


  1. Client needs to send reports on a weekly basis what instructor told, if you miss 2 weeks or 10 working days, we don’t take any responsibility for interviews/ jobs.

  2. You must be active in the group / channel which we are adding, once you get information about the job opportunity immediate apply for it (we are tracking each individual for 2-3 weeks) otherwise you will be removed from the respective group / channel.

  3. Must and should update each activity after activating subscription, it will help consultancy to guide you accurately for clearing the interviews at the earliest.

  4. Must and should follow all the instructions without fail to avail better service.

  5. If you fail in the first 5 interviews then you should contact the delivery person so that boostmysite can take special care and help you to prepare and clear further interviews.

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